Maintenance & Repair

Firearm maintenance is a periodic preventive maintenance procedure to ensure the proper function of a firearm. Typically firearm maintenance is performed by the owner of the firearm using simple methods such as cleaning the firearm with gun oils, and lubricating with similar oils and greases. When a firearm presents with physical damage related to the ordinary use of the firearm, or when a firearm malfunctions in a life-threatening manner a professional gunsmith should perform advanced maintenance to determine if the firearm is repairable and/or safe to shoot..

Firearm repair


General Firearm Maintenance & Repair:

Basic Tools For Basic Firearm Maintenance

Firearm Manuals for almost any firearm

Rusty's Rags

Basic Gun Cleaning Tools & Supplies

Pistol Cleaning

Pistol Cleaning 101

Rifle Cleaning

AR Cleaning

Lever Action Cleaning

Shotgun Cleaning

Magizine cleaning:


Straight: Glock 1911 AR M&P Scar17

Pistol Maintenance & Repair




Colt 1911 Disassembly 3D

Disassembly 1911 with full length guide rod

1911 Compact No Paper Clip Field Strip Made Easy

1911 Compact Paper Clip Field Strip

Hickok45 cleans a 1911

Colt 1911 .22 Field Stripping & Cleaning

Other pistols:

Ruger Mark III Dis/Assembly

Cleaning the Ruger LCP

Strip and clean a Glock pistol

Revolver Maintenance & Repair:

How a Revolver Works

Revolver Cleaning by Hickok45

Revolver Cleaning by Larry Potterfield

Cleaning a S&W 686 Revolver Part 1

Cleaning a S&W 686 Revolver Part 2

Cleaning a S&W 686 Revolver Part 3

Rifle/Shotgun Maintenance & Repair:

What to Know About the AR-15

AR-15 Cleaning by Hickok45

Basic AR-15 Bolt Disassembly/Assembly

How the AR-15 Functions Presented by Larry Potterfield

Ruger 10/22 Rifle Disassembly

Disassembly/Reassembly of a Remington 700 Rifle Part 1

Disassembly/Reassembly of a Remington 700 Rifle Part 2

How to Clean Shotgun Barrels Presented by Larry Potterfield